What is Live Infinity?

Live Infinity is a streamlined path for direct realization of your unbounded nature radiating through your personal uniqueness. It brings a permanent realization of unity between self and other, and between your humanity and your timeless, unlimited nature. Ultimately, Live Infinity helps you feel deeply at home in yourself, connected with others and life, and free to live your gifts and purpose in the world.

Purpose and Vision

Our Purpose is to help millions of people live awake, free, and empowered, both individually and collectively. We are committed to creating a world in which it is normal for all beings to awaken, embody their full potential, and live together in deeply attuned, collective consciousness.


We offer the following services to support your awakening:

  • A comprehensive map of the awakening process that supports individualized exploration
  • Private sessions to support your awakening process
  • Online forums for members to interact and support one another
  • Workshops for accelerated development and for training teachers and coaches

We are also writing a book to illuminate the foundations of the Live Infinity work.

What is unique about this path?

Based on decades of experience with thousands of students and leading edge research on human evolution, we have developed a map that clearly illuminates the journey of awakening and living your full potential. This map describes what we see as a universal journey; one that all people are engaged with at various levels and stages. We developed this map to make the process accessible, understandable, and practical, and to eliminate unnecessary detours along the way. We invite you to explore the map, locate your evolutionary edges, and discover how to accelerate your awakening process.